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DFL Joins Billion Acts Fellowship, Announces Scholarships

DFL received the Billion Acts of Peace Award in July of 2021, along with seven other finalists from around the globe. The Billion Acts Campaign has been led by 14 Nobel Peace Laureates, including The Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Rigoberta Menchu and other Nobel Peace Prize winners who have worked with the PeaceJam organization for 21 years to mentor over 1.2 million youth worldwide. DFL is now taking part in a year-long Billion Acts Fellowship program with the aim to provide grants to organizations with similar missions operating in Detroit and scholarships to Wayne State University students invested in making a difference in the city.

DFL is searching to mentor Wayne State students who seek a career in fostering food equity. With the Future Leaders in Food Equity Scholarship, two students will receive $500 and the opportunity to work directly with community leaders across Detroit. In addition to 25 hours of volunteering, recipients will meet with DFL mentors to learn how local nonprofits operate and collaborate. For more information, visit

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